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He can flip through books about old Hollywood and point out friends like Rita Hayworth who was famous among the group for making Coke spiders.

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He remembers small details about black-and-white classics from cinema's golden age, and can tell you all the gossip from behind the scenes. His mother, Cyndi, a devout Christian who was taught to think of reincarnation as nonsense, wrote to Jim B Tucker for help when she realised her troubled son was having memories of what he believed to be a past life. Jim B Tucker, MD, is renowned for his work with young children who recall their past lives.

In his new book Return to Life , Tucker tells the extraordinary stories of children all over the world who believe they're reincarnated. Among them are a three-year-old golfing prodigy who believes he's the reincarnation of s golf star Bobby Jones; a two-year-old boy whose father-son visit to a flight museum triggered memories of the battle of Iwo Jima; and Ryan, the five-year-old from Oklahoma. Cyndi brought home some books from the library about old Hollywood to see if they would trigger any more memories for Ryan.

That's when he pointed to a photo taken on the set of the movie Night After Night , and said: "Mama, that guy's me. I found me. He could describe a scene in the movie that involved a closet full of guns. Cyndi watched the film on YouTube that night. Sure enough, it featured a scene with guns in a closet.

Jim often takes the affected child to locations from their former life to see if it unlocks memories. Tucker and his team used the photograph to track down the man in Ryan's memories.

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Continuing a fifty year research project at the University of Virginia involving children from all over the world, he decided to focus on cases in the United States, where parents would not expect their children to say such things. Tucker on his investigations. Readers see him taking a young boy and his mother to a remote island the boy has talked about repeatedly, working to identify a man in a photograph whom a little boy says he used to be, and meeting a young golfing prodigy who has said he was the famous golfer, Bobby Jones.

One little girl talks about a great fire; another recalls walking along a dusty road before being kidnapped by two men in a car.

Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

By the end of Return to Life , readers will conclude that Dr. Tucker has amassed persuasive evidence that some children do possess actual memories of previous lives. He then puts the cases in the context of current scientific understandings and concludes with his vision about what the cases say about the question of life after death for all of us. He approaches these fascinating cases of children who appear to remember previous lives with an intelligent curiosity, sober judgment, and a real knack for telling a story, which is a good thing, because these are great stories.

Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

These are heart-rending, poignant reminders that many of us do not quite 'fit' into the cultural and religious worlds into which we are born. Obviously, we are more than these worlds. Way, way more. Kripal, author of Authors of the Impossible: The Sacred and the Paranormal Researchers at the University of Virginia Medical School's Department of Perceptual Studies are studying reports from children around the world who claim to remember their past lives.

More than 2, such reports have been analyzed by the Project's founder Ian Sevenson and several colleagues, among them Jim Tucker.

Return to Life by Jim B. Tucker, M.D. - Read Online

Their work has immense implications for our understanding of the world and human nature, but has received relatively little attention from mainstream scientists and religious groups. Return to Life, like Dr. Tucker's previous book, Life Before Life, opens a door on this historic research. Even if you disagree with Tucker's brief speculations about the afterlife, you will get a good look at the kind of evidence for reincarnation that the University of Virginia team is assembling. It is astonishing to me that their work is not better known.

Jim B. Tucker has driven a very large nail in the coffin of materialism. This is an important contribution to the growing body of evidence that consciousness survives the death of the brain and body. The fear of death and annihilation has caused more suffering in human history than all the physical diseases combined. This book is a powerful antidote to that dread. For decades, materialists have insisted that consciousness is nothing more than a function or emergent property of the brain. But the fact is that scientifically, the origins and nature of consciousness and its role in nature remain a mystery.

The greatest obstacle to illuminating these issues through scientific discovery is not ignorance, but the illusion that we already have the answers. The empirical evidence that Dr. Tucker presents in this book challenges the reductionistic, metaphysical beliefs of scientific materialism. If his research methods are flawed, the scientific community should bring this to his and the public's attention. If they are irreproachable, then the empirical facts he reveals compel us to reassess even our most fundamental assumptions about consciousness, human nature, and the universe at large.

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