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I think this is a good book for anyone interested in her. Jul 28, Maria Navarro rated it really liked it. Beware Princess Elizabeth, shares the struggles of Elizabeth to endure her half sister's punishments, Mary.

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The punishments are the result of a hatred sparked in Mary's youthful years after her father annulled her mothers marriage declaring Mary a bastard. In Mary's eyes, Elizabeth and her mom were responsible for the result of Mary being declared a bastard. Due to the antiquity of some of the vocabulary integrated in this book, this book might be a bit difficult to comprehend for elementary stu Beware Princess Elizabeth, shares the struggles of Elizabeth to endure her half sister's punishments, Mary.

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  • Due to the antiquity of some of the vocabulary integrated in this book, this book might be a bit difficult to comprehend for elementary students. Middle school and beyond would make a more appropriate audience to those seeking to gain a more thorough understanding of the struggles England as a nation had to face in the 's. This book is historical fiction therefore some things mentioned might have not actually happened. However, this book does paint a decent image in readers' minds of what Princess Elizabeth and Mary Tudor accomplished during their reign.

    The theme of this book can be that no matter how tough and life threatening a scenario may be you will get past it. For example, Elizabeth faced imprisonment by her own sister for absurd reasons. She was treated as inhumanly as possible. She was even restricted from physical interaction with other humans. She survived this, and all the hardships that accompanied, while her sister was queen. As a reader I was hooked upon picking up the book, as such I finished it in one day. I really enjoyed finding out that Mary's pregnancies were all false. This gave me hope that Elizabeth might still become the next queen.

    I really disliked how her sister believed that by burning people she would turn a whole nation catholic again. She took the lives of many. All in all, I would totally recommend this book. Jul 30, Monserrat rated it it was amazing. I believe this book would be great for 9th and 10th grade because it shows how only one individual can stand against everyone else to pursue what she wants. This book might be great for an educational standpoint because it teaches us how to overcome harsh challenges and believe in what you want.

    The author was trying to accomplish to the audience is how to overcome barriers along This wonderful book was about two sisters trying to over come the throne after their father's death, King Henry VIII. The author was trying to accomplish to the audience is how to overcome barriers along your journey and to not always trust the people that surround you. I believe the theme is to fight for what you want and the lesson can be is to forget about what people tell you and move at your own pace, especially if things are tough.

    Since Mary turned queen, right after the death of her step brother King Edward, Mary would forbid Elizabeth in doing anything she desired, which meant that Elizabeth had no freedom and was also locked in the Tower due to Mary's awful actions.

    Alyssa’s review of Beware, Princess Elizabeth

    Elizabeth did not give up though and kept moving forward, not letting anyone get in her way. What I loved about this book was the courage that Elizabeth had, she didn't back down, but instead went forward in pursuing on what she really wanted even though her hatred sister, Mary, had to forbid her from doing so. Jun 25, Mario Rodriguez rated it really liked it. This book is valuable to an educational standpoint because it shows how to be persistent in hardtimes and overcome challenges. I felt like the author was trying to accomplish showing her audience what it's like to have mental and physical this book is based on two sisters who live a wealthy life.

    I felt like the author was trying to accomplish showing her audience what it's like to have mental and physical challenges even if it's someone who is close to you and you've onced trusted. I know this because when queen Elizabeth is forbidden to have any freedom due to her sisters act, she keeps going and challenges herself by not going down without a fight. Jul 08, Peyton rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , series.

    This series follows the lives of royalty, specifically English royalty, during their youth and young adult years. It is historical fiction. I love this series. It gives a different perspective to the lives of royals, while still highlighting the important historical moments. Some of the historical moments are not common knowledge. It is a fun format to learn history. The Young Royal books are short, under pages.

    I find that they go really quickly through the years of the royals, but took a moment on the more important stuff. At times, however, the writing felt too haste and I felt that I was missing some of their lives. This short and quick format may be a good way to get hesitant readers to read the series, I will acknowledge. Although it has its flaw, the Young Royal series is important. I love books that teach. Also, Carolyn Meyer wrote some of the books in the Royal Diaries series, which focus on royals from around the world, but targets a juvenile audience.

    I wish that there were more books in the Young Royal series that spread away from Europe. Feb 03, farmgirlbookworm rated it really liked it Shelves: history , all-ages , liked-it , biography , adult. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I honestly really enjoy these narratives!

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    I've always been super interested in these people, and while I know these books are "fiction" I still find myself learning from them without meaning to. Especially when it comes to details, such as Jane Grey's marriage, the Seymour brothers, and Robin Dudley's father. The historical note describes Elizabeth as "vain and ruthless, headstrong and witty, beautiful and hot-tempered. Would rather have given this 3. I'm a HUGE Elizabeth I fan, and this account of her imprisonment and eventual ascension to the throne of England was by no means a disappointment; however, I found it too brief and the descriptions of her various jaols etc and her subsequent times there lacking and vague.

    Many of the other books in this series are much longer and I was disappointed that this was so short.

    Beware, Princess Elizabeth: A Young Royals...

    That aside, I think Ms. Meyer captured Elizabeth's spirit and tenac Would rather have given this 3. Meyer captured Elizabeth's spirit and tenacity and fortitude to rule and only wish it could've been just a little bit longer. May 04, Sara rated it really liked it. I love historical fiction and I am very interested in the whole Tudor family so this book has been high on my list to read.

    Beware, Princess Elizabeth

    I really enjoyed reading the story from Elizabeth's perspective as a princesses and threat to her sister Queen Mary. I knew a lot about Elizabeth's life as Queen, but reading about her time in tower and as her sister's prisoner was fascinating. I can't wait to read more books in this series. Mar 08, Grant J rated it really liked it. This book is very intriguing.

    I just love historical fiction and history.

    Princess Elizabeth, Duke Of Edinburgh And Prince Charles (1949)

    This book is about Princess Elizabeth and her journey in Tudor England to ascend to the throne. In my book it's definelty a winner. Sep 05, Jeni Enjaian rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , young-adult-fiction , read-in , british-isles. While this book avoided many of the other pitfalls common to Meyer's other books in this series, everything in this book bored me immensely.

    The back of the book promised tons of action but delivered fairly little. For a book like this, I find it difficult to prepare any sort of detailed review since nothing stood out either way. I do not recommend this book. I picked up this book in a train station so I would have something to read. It was an impulsive buy. Still, once I started reading I really enjoyed the book.

    I knew about the years as a queen of Elisabeth of England but Ive never thought about her childhood and her way to the throne. This book is a nice read and the writing is intriguing and invites you in the world of Elisabeth. Fun and interesting to read I wish the book extended into the early days of Elizabeth's reign. It offers insight into the brutal natural of royal siblings' interactions and the fight for power rising above and destroying the potential for any sense of family. Oct 08, Lindsay Bragg rated it it was ok. So far, the least interesting of the series. The story was too similar to her sister, Mary's.

    I know.

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