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No picture ever came more beautiful than Raphael's Pandora. Discovered by a dashing young lieutenant, Raymond Kelvedon in a Normandy Chateau in , she had cast her spell over his family - all artists and dealers - for fifty years.

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Hanging in a turret of their…. Players by Jilly Cooper. In stock online Not available in stores. Cameron Cook:…. Etta Bancroft - sweet, kind, still beautiful - adores racing and harbours a crush on one of its stars, the handsome high-handed owner-trainer Rupert Campbell-Black. When her bullying husband dies, Etta 's selfish, ambitious children drag her from her lovely Dorset…. Abigail Rosen, nicknamed Appassionata, was the sexiest, most flamboyant violinist in classical music, but she was also the loneliest and the most exploited girl in the world.

When a dramatic suicide attempt destroyed her violin career, she set her sights on the…. Here is a book of stories of great variety and undoubted class from an author who has endeared herself to millions of readers and bewitched them all. As well as Lisa, we meet Hester, Julia, Helen and Caroline, and a host of other devastating girls, falling in and….

Or so everyone claims. Who better to refute this than Jilly Cooper!

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Describing herself as 'upper middle class', Jilly claims that snobbery is very much alive and thriving! Meet her hilarious characters! Shy, dreamy, and incurably romantic, Harriet Poole was shattered when her brief affair with Simon Villiers, Oxford's leading playboy undergraduate, ended abruptly, leaving her penniless, alone and pregnant. Still hopelessly in love with Simon, she took baby…. Find This Item in Store Not sold in stores. Only show stores with stock. The newlyweds took a quick trip in the State Landau carriage along the Processional Route to Buckingham Palace while waving at the cheering crowds.

Like a true prince, William lovingly helped his new bride out of the carriage. The wedding party headed over to Buckingham Palace to continue the celebrations. The happy couple and their jubilant families took their places on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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Following a tradition started by William's parents, the royal couple delighted fans by kissing on the balcony. Putting their own spin on the tradition, the pair kissed again to cheers from the crowd. The little girl became one of the most famous figures from the wedding, earning her own meme. With one final look back at their adoring public, the Duke and Duchess left the balcony. Pippa left by carriage to head to Buckingham Palace with the flower girls after the wedding. Up until her father's recent death, Juniper has always been kept sheltered within the castle walls.

She was always extremely creative, which her father tried to foster. She also suffered from violent spells where she would black out and not remember what she had done.

In London, away from the castle, Juniper finally feels free and has none of her usual blackout symptoms. She is madly in love with Thomas and they wish to marry but Juniper is hesitant at first. She is aware that her recently deceased father made a will that left the castle to her on the condition that she never marry.

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If she marries, the castle will be given to charity and her twin sisters will be forced out of their ancestral home. She plans on telling the twins of their engagement when she brings Thomas home for dinner. In , Edie arrives at the castle to interview the twins and learn more about the castle and its secrets.

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When her and Saffy were children, their mother was ill for a long time after their births and because of this, they grew much closer with their father. Oliver also catches on fire and tries to jump out of the window into the moat below where he drowns. Saffy, a young child, witnesses him jumping from the window below her and trying to claw his way out of the muddy moat.

Years later, when Raymond returns from World War I, he has his own post-traumatic stress to deal with and has trouble with nightmares and sleeping. The storm that night became very violent and due to the wartime blackouts, the countryside around the castle was pitch dark. Juniper arrives at the castle first and is immediately distraught that she has blood on her dress. She is afraid she has had one of her spells where she does something violent and forgets, believing she may have harmed Thomas in some way.

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