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May 3, What is your biggest obstacle as you follow Jesus? It may not be what you think it is. Since God works best through our weakness, what you imagine is a stumbling block may, in fact, be a golden opportunity. If you trust God. April 26, If the Spirit has given us life, let us align ourselves with Him and let our conduct be controlled by Him. Are you looking for a way out of a trial right now?

Well, God wants to show it to you! And He wants to give you all that you need in order to reach the other side of the trial. He is committed to your success. He just needs you to stand with Him. And He provides accordingly. And that may take some time and effort on our part. April 5, , Easter Sunday The resurrection of Jesus was the central theme of apostolic preaching. From that miracle they derived their authority and the validity of their ministries. It was the source of their power and influence. It was the hope of their hearts. What is it to you?

Jesus commanded us to seek it expectantly, not as a matter of choice, but of faith and obedience. March 22, Steve and Glenda Evans share about the impact they have observed as they drill deep wells to provide clean water to African villages, along with the Living Water of Jesus Christ. Clean water is necessary for physical health, just as Jesus Christ is necessary for spiritual life and health. March What's more, grace does not supersede the Law or abolish the Law; actually, it affirms it, for grace is the means of obeying the Law, not skirting it.

But we need to get to their heart, unentangled by the customs of an ancient culture, in order to reapply them to our lives today. We need to rethink their purpose. March 1, Life—and people—frequently challenges our faith, especially our confidence in what Jesus Christ has done for us, what we are becoming by His grace. If we are unprepared for such challenges, we may be undone by them. Here is help for the battle. February 15, Some people prefer to follow a rulebook than to have a relationship with the Ruler. Others pursue a love relationship with the Ruler, without giving their attention to His rules.

Neither is right; neither is effective. Find out why. Such conditions, since they are required of us, constitute commands. How do you respond when God commands something from you? February 1, God is purifying His words in you—seven times over, like silver! And He is shaping you in the process. Recognizing His method and cooperating in faith is the difference between frustrated confusion and peaceful joy.

Modern culture is quickly becoming post-Christian. How shall it be? Let me tell you. January 18, Jesus Christ is preparing a Bride, whom He has loved with an everlasting love. What is your relationship to His Bride? Do you love the Bridegroom, but want to divorce the Bride? Some members of the Bride Church may be off-putting, even hurtful—this is true. But have you been guilty of throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

January 4, Are you more familiar with the promises of God, or the commands of God? Has it occurred to you that the commands of God are the roots from which His promises bloom? Without them, His promises are like fallen petals—pretty and fragrant, but without life. December 28, God has secrets that are past our finding out. But He offers more than enough revelation to occupy us all. He will deliver the message to you in a timely manner. All you need to do is recognize it and trust its implications for your life.

December 21, Miracles DO happen. There are many amazing and wonderful things that happen every day, but those are not miracles. December 14, Life is full of mysteries. How should we respond in such moments? Just as dancers can spin, and astronauts can float, without becoming disoriented, you can navigate those moments effectively.

December 7, Christmas lights are shining! On homes, in trees, on city streets, in store windows—everywhere! Christmas is the story of the arrival of light, after many years of hoping and longing through often gloomy days. It can be the story of a new dawn for you, too. November 16, Evangelist Joe Jackson reminds us that Elijah was an ordinary man, whom God used in extraordinary ways. In spite of conflict with unbelieving authorities, and the resistance of heathen people, Elijah gained notoriety for his faith and prayers. He listened to God, and God listened to Elijah.

God will listen to you, too, if you will listen to Him. November 9, We are prone to so many fears—small and great—that significantly limit our life experience and effectiveness. How to overcome them? November 2, God loves people, especially sinful, broken people. Nothing else can cure sin. October 26, Attraction turns to attention. Delight turns to desire. Liking turns to longing. This describes the threshold of personal relationship. Learn how to cross that threshold and grow your walk with God. Is that how you live it? There may be many things in our lives of which we are ashamed, but we never need be ashamed of what God has done in and through Jesus Christ.

His is the greatest story ever told. And people in your life desperately need to hear it. Will you help them? We even measure God kind, unfair, good, untrustworthy , and He measures us faithful, obedient, sacrificial, loving. But there is a plumbline, a true constant, a universal standard for spiritual measuring. Do you know it? You should. You can. September 14, Every Christian has a calling. Every believer has been summoned. The world waits for us to take the stand and be a witness for Jesus Christ.

We know He was falsely accused, wrongly judged, and wickedly executed. Now we have the opportunity to set the record straight, to restore His honor, and advance His kingdom. Will you answer the call? September 7, If you won a new car, would you hesitate to tell your family and friends? Probably not. Why, then, do we have such difficulty telling them about winning eternal life? Why does the name of Jesus seem dangerous, even to those who love Him? And what can we do to recover our testimony of faith? He revealed how our good intentions can be undermined and come to nothing because of our own thinking.

By the grace of God, we can do better than that! But is it a Biblical theme? How would God agree with it? How would He disagree? What should we do about it? August 17, Larry Rust teaches that Christianity is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ that reproduces itself through other relationships. The fact is this: others are dying to hear about it. July 20, Jesus Christ died to give you eternal life. Eternal life is not just long life, it is life of a greater quality—life with God!

Life with God is productive. It produces good fruit within you, and it produces good fruit through you. July 13, When opportunity knocks, will you open the door? Jesus Christ has done so much for each of us, and His love is freely given. But His love also compels a response. Responding to the love of God is what we call discipleship or service to God. July 6, We each have at least four spheres of organic influence in our lives: biological our relatives , geographical our neighbors , vocational our co-workers , and volitional those we choose to serve.

These are our God-given fields of harvest. How are you tending your field? Here are three ways to get ready for what you already know is coming. The prize does not go to the starter, but to the finisher of the race. June 15, Dr. Jay Herndon rehearses the story of Ahimaaz. He was the promising son of a high priest in Israel, when David reigned. Regrettably, he was also an ambitious young man whose pride derailed him. The good news is that you have a Producer!

The Holy Spirit is overseeing your life to make it as fruitful and effective as it can be. He knows what the goal is and what needs to be done to get you there. You can learn to give Him your full attention. That collective worship experience is not the seed, but the fruit of a worshiping lifestyle. What will your gift be? May 18, Go to work, come home, eat, entertain ourselves, sleep, then do it all over again. Is that really living? Is life nothing more than that? But do we want it? May 11, In a season of wars and acts of terrorism, earthquakes and other natural world upheavals, economic decline and collapse—we need a Helper!

Do you know Him? Can you recognize His activity in your life? May 4, What Christian would reject the Holy Spirit? I think none. After all, He is God with us. April 27, U. Missionary Brian Staub Alaska spoke. Walking where Jesus walked is not as important as walking as He walked. And He walked a lot. We need to put feet to our faith. Obedience is not a means to faith, but a demonstration of our faith. April 20, Sacred symbols are intended to do at least three things: 1 identify the wearer, 2 authorize the bearer, and 3 inspire the viewer.

April 13, God has called us to a partnership with Him—how amazing is that! April 6, Happiness! We all want it. Why, then, is it so elusive, and so subject to rapid evaporation? Can money buy you happiness? Are you sure? You may be surprised by this report of a scientific survey. March 23, There is so much bloodshed in the Bible! Some Christians speak of the blood of Jesus as though it was a magic wand or impenetrable shield. But there is undeniable power in the shed blood of Christ. And what is it good for?

March 16, Jesus did it. His disciples did it. Paul did it. Satan is mentioned almost times in the Bible. Could that be irrelevant? Jesus gives His followers authority and power to expel demonic forces. You, too, can be calm and confident, as Jesus was. March 9, There might be any number of reasons for diminished productivity in your life, but there is just one cause of restoration—that is, an act of God in answer to trusting prayer. Learn to access that key. March 2, There is such a thing as reserve grace—a supply of divine grace, accumulated over time, by regular visits with Jesus Christ.

If you want to be a help to others, especially as a means to miracles, you need to have a reserve. Otherwise, that big challenge will eclipse His face and wither your faith. Just do it. February 23, Decisions are important actions. But decisions are never sufficient actions. Making a decision is like stepping through a door. Once inside, what you do from there is the real objective and measure of success or failure. Here are five vital decisions to safeguard your marriage from divorce, or to recover your life after divorce.

February 16, To avoid repair after a breakdown, be sure to follow routine maintenance instructions. Take this simple marriage maintenance checkup and find out what you need and where to find help. Solid advice for people contemplating marriage, too. February 9, Dating has its dilemmas.

There are few waters as deep and as confusing, and as full of potential hurt as a dating relationship.

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You and I are created for relationships. Yet, all of our relationships experience pressures from within and without that threaten to nullify them. Discover the truths that overcome the common myths of relationships. Led by kids, reaching and teaching other kids. Mark also shared a message about the need for words in winning the lost. He promises to bless those who trust Him and do what He asks. Learning what that means what it is that He asks and how to put it into practice makes all the difference.

Any sort of bondage! Anything that restricts you from doing the will of God. And that includes financial debt, which makes you a slave to the lenders, and may prevent you from answering the call of God. Here are five steps to your freedom. Jesus, the Living Word of God, builds hope in those who worship and follow Him, through spiritual wisdom and revelation. Now, where do you find that? December 22, Worship is so much more than singing and making music or art of any kind. God sent His Son to be our Shepherd, and He can teach us what we need to know—and do—about worship. December 15, There is nothing to compare with the wonder of our salvation.

And the wonder struck the earth, like the first ray of sunlight, on the day He was born. Do you need God to be with you today? Call on His name, Jesus. November 24, Missionary Brent Johnson shared about his mission to bring the hope of the Gospel to Jewish people around the world through compassion evangelism. Unlike in America, Jews are not the upper class in most of the world. Many are still marginalized and persecuted. Yet, God has not abandoned His chosen people.

Just look at all we do to try to help sightless people navigate our busy world: canes, guide dogs, tactile curb mats, audible signals, Braille signage. Yet, we often insist on trying to navigate our own spiritual lives with eyes closed tight, ignoring signals, refusing to consider what we cannot see for ourselves. God offers us insight, wisdom, and grace for our journey.

He can be trusted. A life of fullness is His intention for us. And life can seem empty when it is actually full. What happens when there is no clear voice of leadership? What happens is this: each person does what seems best to his own way of thinking. And that leads to confusion and chaos. Who is your leader and whose way are you following? What does it take to enjoy the presence of the Lord?

Find instruction from the interactions between Jesus and Peter. Many do not realize that we have a part to play, too. Yet His grace helps us tremendously to do our part. Learn about it and take advantage of His help. October 6, Not only does life change rapidly, often against our desire, but life can actually turn on a dime, without warning. Some of those turns are tragic, some are glorious. In either case, we can be prepared to navigate the curves with grace and courage.

Learn how and get started today. September 29, Jason Brown reports on planting an international church in Paris, France, and then shares a message about the global inclusivity of the Gospel that we believe and proclaim. September 15, What do you make of it, and how do you do it? Over specific rules and regulations for spiritual and social relations can be found in the Old Testament alone!

We say we believe in the whole Bible, but is that just religious speak? Do we really understand what we read? Do we really give God our obedience? September 8, Waiting can be frustrating! When traffic slows to a standstill, will you choose a side street, instead of waiting? Yet, waiting is a major part of our journey with Jesus Christ. Every time we insist on our own way, or our own time, every time we act without first asking God. While it may not be our intention, that does not change the outcome.

We need to renew our way of thinking. August 25, Chaplain Jim Uhey tells of the impact of prayer in his ministry to hurting folks, and of its impact in his own life, and suggests ways to develop a prayer-filled life. August 11, An altar, a tabernacle, a temple… the Church. But do you live the Gospel? Did you know that the Gospel is not just for people far from God? What makes the Gospel good? And what can make the Gospel bad? The Apostle Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel message for one reason: It has the power to save a soul and change a life… eternally! Prison Chaplain Ken Stearn has seen this power at work and it has become his passion to tell everyone who will listen.

Some suffer more, or lingering, fears, but all of us battle with fears from time to time in our lives—from fear of spiders or mice to fear of loss or pain. The worst kind of fear may not be terror, which is usually short-lived, but intimidation, which is usually more pervasive and long-term. Regardless, God has the answer for us, so that we may overcome whatever fears we face, however often we face them. A thousand fails do not a failure make! There is life after a failure, and most of us are living proof of that. July 7, We all face giants in our lives.

They seem most often to hang out right around the edge of our destiny. We feel altogether unprepared to meet them. Spiritually, roads speak to us of destinations destinies and routes pathways or means of approach and conditions head winds or tail winds. This message is about map-reading and weather-preparedness for your journey. Gates and doors are points of entrance and exit. They are moments of choice and opportunity. And the gates of ancient Jerusalem, surveyed by Nehemiah, speak of the choices and opportunities of the life of one who follows after God.

Learn about them and be prepared for what is around the next corner in your life. Walls keep things in and keep things out. Walls define and identify. But walls can also inhibit and imprison. Good walls must be kept in good repair, while bad walls must be torn down. So, how are the walls in your life. Are you letting God in where He needs to be?

Are you keeping out evil influences that threaten your safety? Learn how to rebuild godly walls in your life. The most important place of connection during our time on the planet—with God and with people—has always been, and still is today, the house of worship. Not a particular building in a particular location, as it was for the ancient Hebrew nation, but the local gatherings of believers two or more for united worship and prayer.

Learn how to rebuild this crucial meeting place and revive the value of devotion. The power of life and death is in the tongue. I take those words seriously. I am a communicator. So are you, even if not professionally. Is your communication thoughtful and intentional, or just emotionally reactive? Does your communication reveal the grace of Jesus? Do your words breathe life and courage? Do your words build up? Do you understand the power of your words?

The local church is not the end, but a means to this end: the revelation of Jesus in the world.

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The world does not enter the doors of our church; our church must enter the sphere of the unchurched—on mission for the Lord. And the Holy Spirit has come to help us do just that. The local church is not just a center for worship and religious ritual; it is a center for dynamic, growing spiritual life—both personal and corporate. Building up the church is not the task of the credentialed leadership or paid staff; it is the responsibility of every member to all the rest of the church. And the Holy Spirit is at the very heart of this grand work. Friendships are vital to your life, especially your friendship with Jesus.

They come easier for some than for others, but the Holy Spirit works in and through all of your friendships, to hone your heart and character. Friends help us to see ourselves more clearly. Friends help us to see God more clearly. Increased devotion is not a matter of simply working harder or reading more; it is the result of stronger acquaintance with the Holy Spirit. Many are familiar with the Great Commission. But how should that play out in the real world. What are disciples and how are they made? What is it we are to teach them to do? Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is a major undertaking.

It is not for the faint of heart. It is only for those who want to escape Hell and live in Heaven forever. Jesus warned of common interferences, instructed in fundamental tasks, and initiated His disciples in the basic responsibilities of following Him. We begin by exploring what a disciple is like. A disciple can be anybody, but not everybody is one.

Disciples are not born; they are made. So, what does it take to become a disciple of Jesus Christ? Jewish religious leaders exchanged relieved handshakes; the troublemaker was gone. It would be business-as-usual again. Your world is your locality, including family, friends, and co-workers. They need Jesus. They need to know He is real.

They need to know He is merciful. They need to know He is able. But His plan is to first reveal Himself through you! In order for that to happen, you must see yourself as Jesus does and you must live authentically, graciously, and faithfully. No one else can do that for you. Your world, your corner of the vineyard, is your field of ministry, and your assignment from the Lord. You can serve Him with joy, if you discover His strategy and learn to follow His lead. Tim Wells teaches. Our reach to those around us must be informed and it must be gracious. And if do not respect the people we reach just as they are , we will be unable to communicate in ways that are meaningful to them.

From your conception through your life to this very moment, God has been shaping and equipping you to fulfill the mission for which He created you. Community—to be functional and growing—must be intentional. That intentionality must spring from every individual who hopes to participate in that community.

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Without planning, preparation, pursuit, and preservation, community if it has begun at all will fall apart. You can be a vital member of your community, if you make it intentional. God made us for community—communion with Him and with His people. But some people are more concerned about themselves than others, more interested in pleasing themselves than pleasing the Almighty. It creates tension, confusion, and disruption. Every church is at risk, and every believer is in danger of being sucked into their selfish plans. Learn what you can do to protect the church and yourself, and secure what Christ has given you.

God is three-in-one, and He made us two-in-one—male and female— He is to be the third element of the human community. Of course, community-in-theory is not yet community-in-function, and that is where the Church comes in. The Church is where Christ develops functional community. God wants you to know Him. To know Him involves drawing near and listening closely. Because of Jesus, anyone can do this, yet few actually do. What will you do?

Devotion is not a minute reflection on your relationship with the Savior. Devotion is the way you live your life from day to day. Everyone is devoted to something—maybe yourself, maybe some amusement, maybe the Lord. It shows in the way you conduct your life. Let me share with you the tools and methods for reviving your devotion to Christ. Thus, He became our Savior.

Now, He calls us to follow Him—with a similar intensity. This message describes it. It introduces uncertainty. It challenges entitlement. If we meet the conditions, which are never out of reach, God will fulfill His promise. This message is about one of the greatest of those promises. Revival is an enduring promise of Scripture for the people of God. It is the hope of renewal and restoration, the chance to see what was broken be rebuilt, and to see what has died come back to life. This message addresses that need.

Worship that costs you nothing is not real worship; it is a religious veneer. You cannot separate biblical worship from the concept and practice of sacrifice. But the New Testament practice is different than the Old. This is the lesson of the myrrh. Real worship flows from true devotion. Anyone might be impressed short term and cry, "Hooray! Such worship leaves a trail of something akin to a fragrance, a lingering aroma.

It is a real offering to God. Once they found the child-king, they bowed down before Him and presented their gifts to Him. They offered Him their gold, and we, too, can learn how to use our treasure to worship God. Worship is an act of the heart, more than any outward form of expression it may take. Worship is what you and I were made for. Above success in business or child-rearing, we were made to worship our Creator. You know who taught me that? Some wise men from the East, who packed up and traveled for months through harsh conditions just so they could lay their eyes on Jesus and bow down before Him.

Biblically, it simply means dedicated, committed—when happy, when sad, when confused, when excited. Heart fixed on Jesus. Ears open to His voice. Lack of seriousness about our faith—casual Christianity—is a major hazard to spiritual formation. Learn what to do about it in this message. In our efforts to define faith, we have often obscured it. Curiously, the Bible offers little help in this regard. Rather than defining faith, the Scriptures attempt to direct faith, for, in fact, faith is only defined by its object. What would life be without heroes?

We love them! We celebrate them! In fantasy, in history, and in real life. But who are they really? Are they truly unique individuals—like, super human? Do acts of heroism actually define anyone? You can be sure there is! This is not a slight divergence; it is a major distinction of understanding the Scriptures. Here is insight from veteran missionaries to strengthen your faith.

Dan and Carol Fryer joined us to sing and speak about being salt and light in our communities--bringing the flavor and revelation of Christ to the people--but in appropriate measure. Sometimes I am strong, but other times I am weak—how miserable I am! Let me share with you the encouraging words of Scripture. Many people are unclear about the connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some suspect the Old Testament is included in our Bibles simply for historical reference, without spiritual bearing on our lives today.

This is not the case. The new and better things provided by the New Testament are the highlights of the letter written to the Hebrews, and profoundly instructive to us all, if we have the proper perspective. Tim Wells returns to the pulpit to remind us that God is not looking for good rule-keepers, but for devoted children. He is a Loving Father, not a Hard Taskmaster. But our ways seem much more familiar and comfortable, though they are far less effective. Our challenge is to make the shift—to trust God more and ourselves less.

Let me encourage you. Maybe we need a new approach to giving thanks. Instead of focusing on what we have, perhaps we should thank God instead for what we cannot lose. Pastor Linda Pierce reminded us that nothing is as wearying to the mind, to the heart, to the bones, as going it alone. Turn to Him. Come to Him. Stay with Him. God loves you. But how much does He love us? What is the true measure of His love? How high?

The Valley - Psalm 23 - Skip Heitzig

How deep? How broad? How long? How strong? How secure? Questions that beg for an answer. And the Bible offers plenty! The Pharisees were a leading sect of the Jewish faith in the days of Jesus and His disciples. Pharisees were known as believers in the Scriptures and believers in the supernatural and believers in life after death, much like Pentecostal Christians today.

Yet, they were in frequent conflict with the ministry and teaching of Jesus and became the recipients of His stern warnings. What happened? How can we avert such reproofs today? Life predicts growth. A healthy church will be a growing church. But the health of any church depends on TWO things: the health of each part member AND the health of their interactions.

A healthy church is NOT a collection of independently healthy individuals. And those interactions are fraught with dangers and pitfalls. Learn about them and be ready! Missionaries Martin and Charlotte Jacobson expressed their hearts for the people of Argentina and the Patagonian Bible Institute, where they are training students who are planting churches and taking the Good News to the uttermost parts of the earth.

The spirit of community comes from God. Yet, community is built and broken by people. Even the Community of Christ is dependent on the cooperative efforts of the followers of Christ—every one of us. This begins with right attitudes, so we must develop the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. And, we must learn to do the things that build community. The Trinity is the quintessential community, from whom every band of brothers on earth derives its name its character and purpose. However, community does not come pre-packaged and ready to enjoy; there are necessary ingredients that each one of us have to contribute and there is effort needed from us all to do to make it work well.

The concept of Biblical community is an illustration of the relationship of the Trinity—the oneness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. The community of faith, hope, and love is to demonstrate the good and trustworthy character of our Savior. Like Father, like sons. The absolute uniqueness of Jesus is amazing! He is the Son of God and the Light of the world.

He is the only Savior of humankind. There is no one to compare with Him. He has risen from the dead, He has loved us with an everlasting love, and He calls us to give to Him our total allegiance and obedience. Our conflicting love affair with ourselves and our blindness to the grace of God in our everyday circumstances mislead us, yet Jesus remains, like no one else we may know.

Not through the telephone usually, but through people—the people who wrote the Scriptures, the people who read the Scriptures, the people who preach the Scriptures, and more. But we each need to develop an ear to hear and recognize His voice. Tim Wells returned to our pulpit to encourage this process. Someone once told me about Jesus Christ and His way of salvation… and it changed my life.

Someone once told you, too. The Creator has built the practice of prayer into the foundation of a spiritual life. Fortunately, God has also given the Holy Spirit to help us pray—not just on the spur of the moment, but to develop a praying life. This message is about how He helps us. The Spirit-filled life is a worship-filled life.

Want to know how the Holy Spirit influences worship in your life and in your church? It is what you were made for. Is your life full of worship? If not, why not? Make up your mind to become a worshiper! Leading up to Pentecost Sunday, my sermons will highlight the ways the Holy Spirit invests in our lives to bring His Kingdom near. The first thing to capture my attention was the fact that God still speaks today. Whether speaking through the Scriptures, other people, or the circumstances of my life, there are four ways in which the Spirit speaks. Each is necessary and they progress together toward clarity and fulfillment.

Do you have ears to hear? If His life has taught us anything, it is that sacrifices in this life when made according to the will of the Father are worth it, because of what lies beyond this life. Do you have an eternal perspective of your life? The roots of new life are in the powerful resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

In fact, that power is the measure of the power necessary to walk in new life with Christ. Thank God, He lives! The Gospel message is really a message about the resurrection of Christ. The first witnesses were specifically those who had witnessed His return from the grave. This is what makes the call to repentance and faith compelling. Yet, not everyone has this awareness. Why not? Most times, self-consciousness stands in our way. The knowledge and power of the resurrection of Jesus provides the answer. Get your heart full of His resurrection life and you will discover His presence and activity all around.

Some Christians imagine that they have no real bearing on the Christian life. Kent Kelley introduced us to Crossroads International and reminded us that God is generous! He forgives us freely. He lavishes His grace on us through Jesus Christ. He has poured out His Spirit on the Church—in part, so that we might be generous, too. People are inclined to think of Jesus just as they think of themselves or other persons. We are also inclined to imagine that His love is like our love. But God is faithful to define His love for us in fresh and mind-boggling ways in the Scriptures.

His definitions, of course, are instructive to us, revealing the kind of love we are to show one another. We say it. We believe it. Yet, everyday pressures can obscure its radiant beauty and blind us to its presence. So, I invite you to take another look—a closer look—at how God has loved you through Jesus Christ. They passed it out, and passed it out, and passed it out, until 5, men, plus women and children had eaten their fill. He is able to work all things together for our good. He redeems it all. Every tragedy, heartache, and mistake can be converted by His grace and power into an inspiration, a motivation, or equipment for service.

Nothing is wasted. Everything is moving into the light. Tim Wells continued his study of faithfulness, using Luke Discipleship, flexibility and prayerfulness are integral to developing faithfulness to God. The local church is the training ground and center of our daily Christian life. Remaining alone will only bring disaster, but joining in wholeheartedly with other Christians will insure that our daily decisions of faithfulness are more easily made.

Using the illustration Jesus gave in Matthew of building a house on the rock or sand, Tim Wells helped us explore how small, daily decisions can build faithfulness or unfaithfulness into our lives. We looked at what faithfulness looks like, what tools God has given us to aid in building and maintaining it, and ultimately how God views unfaithfulness. Relationships are bittersweet.

They can be oh-so-good or oh-so-difficult. Most of them are both. Even the relationship with God has its ups and downs. What can smooth out the path? How can we improve one that is faltering? Find out more by reading or listening to this message. Bob Kilpatrick preaches: Here.

Nowhere else. Perceive the Invisible One in your visible circumstances. He wants to meet you. Have Yourself a Windy Merry Christmas. Saturday, December 02, Saturday, December 16, What Do You Say? Thank You? Saturday, November 25, The Habitude of Gratitude. Saturday, November 18, Part 1. Saturday, November 11, Reformation: The Search for Bread.

Saturday, November 04, Artur Stele. Saturday, October 28, Saturday, October 21, Saturday, October 14, Stand Alone. Saturday, October 07, Sabine Vatel. A Bag of Chips. Saturday, September 30, David Ferguson. Ground Zero and the New Reformation Buy series. Saturday, September 23, Saturday, September 09, Saturday, September 02, My Journey, from Skepticism to Faith. Saturday, September 16, Nate Gibbs. Ground Zero Buy series. Saturday, August 26, Living in the Cross Hairs of Total Engagement. Saturday, August 19, Saturday, August 12, Saturday, July 29, Saturday, July 22, Saturday, July 15, Saturday, July 08, Saturday, July 01, Visions of Promise.

Saturday, August 05, John Wesley Taylor V. Nuclear Fishin' Buy series. Two Fish and a Cross. Saturday, June 24, Whale of a Fish Story. Saturday, June 10, The Big Bad Fisherman. Saturday, May 20, Never Look a Gift Fish in the Mouth. Saturday, May 13, From Servant to Son. Saturday, June 03, Joseph Kidder. Saturday, May 27, Laurence Burn. Saturday, May 06, Alvin M. Gone Fishin' Buy series. Part 4. Saturday, April 29, Part 3. Saturday, April 22, Part 2. Saturday, April 15, Saturday, April 01, Saturday, April 08, Leslie Louis.

Us: How the Gospel Reframes 'the Other'. Saturday, March 25, Saturday, March 18, Storm Buy series. Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark - 7. Saturday, March 11, Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark - 6. Saturday, February 25, Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark - 5. Saturday, February 11, Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark - 4. Saturday, February 04, Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark - 3. Saturday, January 28, Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark - 2.

Saturday, January 21, Finding Jesus in the Gathering Dark - 1. Saturday, January 07, Guest-listed or Blacklisted? Saturday, March 04, Ante Jeroncic. Pathfinder Sabbath. Saturday, February 18, When You Can't Stop a Fox. Saturday, January 14, Jatniel Rodriguez. A Sign of Love Complete. Saturday, December 31, RxF4Now Buy series. Saturday, December 24, The Ogre by the Manger.

Saturday, December 17, Saturday, December 03, Saturday, November 05, Saturday, October 29, The Regrets of Oscar Wilde. Saturday, October 01, The Surrogate. Saturday, September 24, Saturday, September 10, Dead Man Walking. Saturday, September 03, Saturday, August 27, Saturday, December 10, Saturday, November 26, Bring Joy!

Give Thanks! A Feast of Hymns. Saturday, November 19, Healing the Fracture - Life in Post-election America. Saturday, November 12, Things Hoped For. Saturday, October 15, Saturday, October 08, The Well Series Buy series. Saturday, August 20, Saturday, August 13, God and Mister Rogers.

Won't You Be My Neighbor? Saturday, August 06, Not our arguments as much as our influence will finish Christ's work, because nobody was ever won to Jesus by a person he didn't like. Saturday, July 30, Don Dronen. Part 5 of this sermon series focuses on the question: "Who is my neighbor? Saturday, July 23, Saturday, July 16, Part 3 explores the disciples' experience on the road to Emmaus; a story worth retelling because it reminds us that our Christian journey starts with God. Saturday, July 09, The story of Zacchaeus is one that is often set aside for children, in this message however we explore the story to find where we as a church stand.

The picture of evangelism and the gospel that unfolds in this story offer something for the followers of Jesus today. Saturday, July 02, What do you think about when you hear the words personal evangelism? For most people, those words carry a lot of baggage. It evokes scary memories of going door-to-door or speaking with strangers. But is that what evangelism is actually about? Saturday, June 25, Saturday, June 18, The Widow Factor:.

Living on the Edge with God - 2. Saturday, June 11, Living on the Edge with God - 1. Saturday, June 04, Saturday, May 28, Alvin Glassford. A single sermon on a recent trip to China. Saturday, May 21, Encountering God. A special single sermon by Pavel Goia. Saturday, May 14, And You Welcomed Me. A special single sermon by Pastor Sabine Vatel. Saturday, May 07, Saturday, April 30, John McVay.

Chasing Hope Buy series. For an Empty Dream. Part 4 of this 4-part series. Saturday, April 23, With an Empty Bank. Part 3 of this 4-part series. Saturday, April 16, To an Empty World. Part 2 of this 4-part series. Saturday, April 09, From an Empty Tomb. Part 1 of this 4-part series. Saturday, March 26, Celebrating Diversity - International Student Sabbath. Saturday, April 02, Saturday, March 19, How to Live a Victorious Christian Life.

Saturday, March 12, Charmed into Righteousness Buy series. The Most Righteous Lord. Part 7 of this 7-part series. Saturday, March 05, The Most Loving God. Part 6 of this 7-part series. Saturday, February 27, The Greatest Forgiver. Part 5 of this 7-part series. Saturday, February 20, The Fairest Judge. Part 4 of this 7-part series. Saturday, January 30, The Purest Life.

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Part 3 of this 7-part series. Saturday, January 16, The Truest Friend. Part 2 of this 7-part series. Saturday, January 09, The Only Savior. Part 1 of this 7-part series. Saturday, January 02, Songs of Freedom: Years After the 13th Amendment. This service celebrated "Songs of Freedom," offering a historical look back into our country's history through song, stories, and praise. Saturday, February 06, Andrews Honors Program. Wrestling with God: The Beauty of Brokenness. Saturday, January 23, John Gonzalez. The Post-Holiday Body. A special single sermon by Pastor Ben Martin.

Saturday, December 26, Saturday, December 19, Saturday, December 12, As we approach the end of another year and enter into the Christmas season, it's never been more apparent that the world is in desperate need of that baby born in a manger so many years ago. Saturday, December 05, It's easy to be thankful for the good things that happen to you. However, we often forget to be thankful for the bad things that didn't happen!

Perhaps we have far more things to be thankful for than we've ever realized. Saturday, November 28, The Secret of Joy. Saturday, November 21, Mission Possible. Urban Decay - Angels in the Inner City. The heartbreaking terrorist attacks in the streets of Paris only serve as a painful reminder that we live in a broken world. Our planet is filled with cities, and those cities are filled with hurting people who are in desperate need of a few inner city angels.

Saturday, November 14, Considering the Adventist Church's historical stance on the separation of Church and State, how do we respond to the increased attention and scrutiny brought on by the presidential candidacy of one of our prominent members? Where do we stand when it comes to the causes of our Evangelical nation?

How can we best serve this nation that we love? Saturday, November 07, Nearly years ago, a young monk stood all alone before the the greatest assembly of powers, princes, and pontificates the world had ever seen. His courage would spark one of the greatest social revolutions in history. How can we tap into that same source of strength to start our own social revolution today?

Saturday, October 31, Called 2 B Uncool.

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In a world where we are called to follow what is popular, Christ calls us to be "uncool. Saturday, October 24, How to Serve. A special Communion service homily by Pastor Taurus Montgomery. Saturday, October 10, The Pugwash Factor:. Saturday, October 03, How to Discern the Pope's Agenda for America. Saturday, September 26, How to Turn Mingle into Mission. Saturday, September 05, How to Turn Mission into Possible. Learn 7 reasons why the mission in your life is to fulfill His mission of seeking to save the lost. Saturday, August 29, Engage Globally. Saturday, August 22, How to Discover Blessed Reciprocity.

Saturday, August 15, Diversity Yet Unity. Saturday, August 08, What God Wears. Saturday, August 01, Road Trip: God's Picture of Family. Saturday, July 25, PMC Pastors. Saturday, July 18, Saturday, July 11, When Merging, Remember to Yield. Saturday, July 04, Sometimes life throws a sign in your face that says "Road Closed". Where do you go from here? Is this the end of the journey is it just an opportunity to get back on track via an unexpected detour.

Saturday, June 13, Are We There Yet? Saturday, May 30, Think Local, Act Global: Buy series. When the Church Runs Out of Time. Is God a farmer? After all, it's one of the most common comparisons Jesus made in His parables. If so, what does that mean for those of us He's asked to bring in His harvest? Saturday, June 27, How can those petitions guide our church today?

Saturday, June 20, Recalibrating What Matters - Mission or Method. When the Apostle Paul saw Peter refuse to sit with the uncircumcised Gentiles, he set in motion one of the great theological debates of his time. When faced with divisive issues of our own, how will we respond? What can we learn from the example of the Early Church? Saturday, June 06, Reversing the Polarities of the Third Millennial Church. As Christians, we've never called this world our home. We are as exiles in a foreign land. But how do we reach a culture that is so wholly secular, so different from what we have been called to?

How do we engage this culture without conforming to it? Saturday, May 09, As we enter the final chapter of Joseph's story, we ask "what does it all mean? Saturday, April 25, Sweet Revenge. Now ruler of all Egypt, Joseph is suddenly brought face to face with the demons of his past. Can he forgive his brothers who sold him to a life of slavery? Or will they suffer his wrath? Saturday, April 18, Me and Mrs. Joseph's hard work and dedication to God is seemingly paid off as he is placed in charge of all the household of his master Potiphar.

But his master's wife has a wandering eye Saturday, April 11, He's Alive! When Jacob learned that his son Joseph still lived, it was as if his boy had been resurrected from the dead. It is fitting then that we look to this story as we celebrate the resurrection of the One who died that we might live. Saturday, April 04, It's one of the most beloved stories from the Bible: the story of Joseph. But what can this ancient story teach us about our own broken relationships? Saturday, March 28, How To Survive a Spiritual Drought. Saturday, March 14, Stories in the Rearview Mirror.

When a young physician undergoes a conversion through the work of the Holy Spirit, he joins forces with a comrade and proceeds to bring about a revolution to point the focus back to Christ. What kind of transformation can the Third Person's Last Rain bring about in our lives today? Saturday, March 07, In the 19th century, a young woman was called by God to a ministry that would eventually become a worldwide movement.

What does her legacy mean for us today? Saturday, February 28, What does a God who sacrificed all for His children ask of those who wish to follow Him today? Saturday, February 21, Deep in the heart of an unknown Asian country lives one of the most explosive spiritual growth movements on the planet.

What is their secret and how can we apply it to our own lives right now? Saturday, January 31, On Sept. It was the first step towards building what would become a global movement. What step should we take today? Saturday, January 24, In , a man named Joseph Bates decided in the sight of God that he must take a stand for those who were oppressed.

The world has changed much since then, but one thing remains: The oppressed are still with us. What can we learn today from the stance taken by that old sea captain so many years ago? Saturday, January 17, As we enter into a new year, we see a world still fraught with the troubles and turmoil of the year just ended.

Yet if we dig even further into history, we find a small band of devoted Christ followers living in the United States who were willing to sacrifice all for His kingdom. What lessons can we glean from them as we begin a new chapter of our own? Saturday, January 10, In light of the historically tragic story of the Titanic, we too live in a state of impending destruction. Just as the passengers on the Titanic were oblivious to the disaster that loomed ahead, could we also be distracted by the opulence around us and be ignoring the warning signals of our doomed planet? Saturday, January 03, Behind The Veil Communion.

Saturday, December 27, Christmas Arithmetic. We Three Kings of Orient Are. The magi were the first to give gifts at Christmas. What lessons can we learn from their story? Saturday, December 20, We Two Kings of Orient Are. God is a child at heart. Even more than that, He was once a child in body as well. What does that mean for those who follow Him, and the children He has placed in their care? Saturday, December 13, We One King of Orient Are. As we enter the Christmas season we find ourselves in a nation in turmoil—divided and wounded.

What message can the followers of Emmanuel bring to the world at a time like this? Saturday, December 06, A special single sermon by pastor Rodlie Ortiz. Saturday, November 29, Galaxy Three: Intergalactic Rescue. The War approaches it's bloody end. The Rebel unleashes his full fury upon the inhabitants of Galaxy Three. The Loyalists cry out to their King for deliverance.

How long must they endure? How long? Saturday, November 22, The War rages on as the Rebel releases his latest weapon upon the inhabitants of Galaxy Three: a viral infection of "self" rule. Every man, woman and child is infected. What response can the King in Galaxy One bring to counter such a powerful deception? Saturday, November 15, The disease the Rebel unleashed on Galaxy Three must be not just contained, but completely cleansed from the Galaxy.

However, the Council declares that three separate cleansings must be conducted. The universe wonders: Why? Saturday, November 08, Galaxy Three: The Abuse Victim. The War rages on. The inhabitants of Galaxy Three groan under it's weight. How can such suffering go unchecked? The universe looks to the King for an answer Saturday, October 18, The War has changed.

No longer a battle for territory, the Rebel and the King both desire only one thing from the inhabitants of Galaxy Three — Allegiance. Saturday, October 04, Galaxy Three: The Story of the Sperm. When the King left Galaxy One to infiltrate Galaxy Three, there were days during which his whereabouts were unknown. Yet this mystery could hold the key to victory in the long war Saturday, September 27, Galaxy Three: Magnificence in the Middle. His followers in Galaxy Three are instantly provided with aid an reinforcements the moment they ask.

But can such a proxy war be won? Saturday, September 20, There is a disease in Galaxy Three that threatens the existence of humanity. But there exists a rare and costly cure Saturday, September 06, An intergalactic civil war threatens the existence of the universe. The King of Galaxies battles the tyrannical Rebel who seeks the throne. Now the fate of all life will be decided at the battle for Galaxy Three. Saturday, August 30, Give Me That Mountain. When faced with opposition, will we quit or will we place our trust in God?

Caleb acts on a promise given by God forty-five years ago, and despite the great risks, he boldly states "give me that mountain". How can we have this kind of persevering faith? What victories will we claim for His sake? Saturday, November 01, Micheal Goetz. For what would you be willing to give up your life? Of course not. But why do we cling to these "dead rabbits" when there is One who would offer us so much more?

Saturday, August 23, When a prominent scholar posed a loaded question to a young Rabbi, he got a response he wasn't expecting. Saturday, August 16, How To Quantify Your Happiness. What do you get for the God who has everything?

Becoming a Grand Champion Church Exploring the Twenty-Third Psalm as a Blueprint for Church Growth

Especially if He already gave everything He had for you? Jesus gave us the answer in John "Greater love has no man than this; to lay down one's life for one's friends. Saturday, June 28, In the year , the crew of the HMS Bounty decided they'd rather go it alone and promptly placed their captain on a lifeboat in the south Pacific and waved goodbye.

Could it be that some of us living here in the blessed and bountiful USA are perhaps not so different than that mutinous crew? Saturday, June 21, In his famous poem Henry Wadsworth Longfellow embedded the key to happiness and a life of meaning. What secret lies within the Churchyard of Cambridge?

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Saturday, May 17, Contrary to what we've been taught, the latest research states that "Money Can Buy Happiness". Discover the surprising secret to a life of happiness and financial stability right now. Saturday, May 10, Mutiny: Lipstick, Snowden, and the Temple. Saturday, May 31, The Bondage Breaker Buy series.

The same One who can break your bondage to sin can also wash you clean and keep you that way for the rest of your life. Saturday, April 26, Feeling trapped by addiction? What if the very same power that freed Jesus from the tomb was available to free you from you're own bondage?

Saturday, April 19, Does addiction seem like an unbeatable challenge? Here are 7 steps you can take to turn your defeats into victory. Saturday, April 12, No matter where you go on this planet there are always three things that people universally love. Could the greatest blessings God gave to humanity be the very things the Enemy uses to enslave us? Saturday, April 05, The Bondage Breaker: How to win and help your friends win the battle of addiction.

Innocently deceived. Ruthlessly held. This series will take a closer look at the Enemy's tactics in this raging spiritual warfare, and how freedom is not just possible, but promised. Saturday, March 29, The B. Saturday, March 15, Not a word you hear often in the comfort of our own pulpits. Yet it's a reality that literally millions of Christians around the world face everyday.

Should you care? Should we care? Let's see what Christ had to say on the matter. Saturday, March 08, Discover the 4 keys to God's plan, each of which begin with the letter "G". Saturday, March 01, In love with Jesus but not a fan of the church? Maybe it's time to take a second look at the "body of Christ" and see just what it means to be "Sold Out" on Jesus. Saturday, February 22, How to be More Like Jesus. The Impregnable Gift. What does God do to protect His most precious possession on Earth? He bestows upon it this Impregnable Gift. Saturday, February 01, The Implausible Prayer.

See how this one implausible prayer can help you be more like Jesus. Saturday, January 18, The Impossible Dream. Living life the way Jesus did. It seems like an impossible dream. But could the secret to living a more Christ-like life be easier than you think? Saturday, January 11, Special Single Sermon. Saturday, January 04, How Much Longer? Waiting for the Christmas Consolation. Saturday, December 21, An American Christmas: Two Turtledoves.

Part 2 of a 2 Part Series. Saturday, December 07, An American Thanksgiving: One Mayflower. Part 1 of a 2 Part Series. Saturday, November 30, Don't Cry. Don't Cry For Me. Part 3 of a 3 Part Series. Saturday, November 16, Don't Cry Alone. Part 2 of a 3 Part Series. Saturday, November 09, Don't Cry But Do. Part 1 of a 3 Part Series. Saturday, November 02, The Galilean. Part 5 of a 5 Part series.

Saturday, October 12, The Galilean: Good-Bye Shame - 4. Part 4 of a 5 Part series. Saturday, October 05, The Galilean: Part 3. Part 3 of a 5 Part series. Saturday, September 28, The Galilean: Part 2. Part 2 of a 5 Part series. Saturday, September 07, Part 1 of a 5 Part series.